Multifunctional Back Seat Car Organizer

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Do you like to travel by car, but feel there is always such a mess inside?🤔 🚓Buy our Back Seat Car Organizer today and start keeping things tidy and in order! Keep your car chaos-free while on the road!🚓 Why Buy a Back Seat Organizer? Avoid distractions Keep essentials securely…

Product Details
Product Details

Do you like to travel by car, but feel there is always such a mess inside?🤔

🚓Buy our Back Seat Car Organizer today and start keeping things tidy and in order!

Keep your car chaos-free while on the road!🚓

Why Buy a Back Seat Organizer?

Avoid distractions

Keep essentials securely in place to avoid damage and chaos (especially if you have children in the car).

Get rid of clutter

Keep children’s toys, stuffed animals, and other supplies for or others secure and in place.

Prevent spills

Not enough cup holders? Don’t let soda cans or beverages fly free inside the car — use our Back Seat Car Organiser’s pouches to hold refreshments in place.

Keep the seats clean

A hanging car organizer with a kick mat will prevent your little one’s feet from scuffing up the seat backs.

If you want to keep your vehicle free of dirty, wet footprints, this do-it-all accessory can help.

Easy access to essentials

A back-of-the-car seat organizer is great for keeping small and large items in one easy-to-reach spot, instead of in a container in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle.

Find things quickly

Mesh pouches and a clear, see-through tablet pocket make everything you need visible.

Create more space

Our organizer helps you maintain cleanliness and tidiness to your vehicle’s interior.

Passengers don’t have to push items aside on the seat or onto the floor anymore to comfortably ride in the back seat.


✔ There are MANY POCKETS of different sizes. Use them to hold bottles, snacks, toys, tablets, phones, books, and whatever you need for your trip.

✔ The Back Seat Car Organizer covers the rear of either the driver- or front-passenger seat, PROTECTING the seatbacks from dirty shoe stains.

✔ Our organizer is EASY TO INSTALL onto any seatback. Just fasten the belts around your seat and you’re ready to tidy up.

✔ This auto accessory is SUPER COMPACT and SUITS just about any car.

🚗 Specifications:

  • Material: Non-woven fabric
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 24 x 16 inches

❗ This item universally fits most cars, trucks, and SUVs ❗

Buy your Back Seat Car Organizer today!

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23 reviews
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Maybe some holes needed to pass some wires to the transparent pouch (eg. To connect a screen to the power source


We put these in our van that we use every day. I love that the back of my seats aren’t getting messed up and my girls love the freedom that they have to store the things they want to use during the car ride. There is the perfect pocket for their headphones that the can grab before getting buckled in. We don’t use the top clear panel for electronics but for books and note pads that they like to have easy access to. Shipping came on time and packaged with no issues. Fits around the seats of my minivan with no issues.


I would be happy to share my experience regarding your backseat organizer. I purchased the pair to have for organizing books, and kids stuff to do in the car. I was able to organize everything for our granddaughter’s visit. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big they were as they covered the whole area of our backseats and they additionally offered protection from kicking feet! They also were well-made so I don’t have to worry they will fall apart quickly, and the lifetime guarantee is definitely an added bonus! My experience has been as a satisfied customer and I would recommend this product for others to purchase as well.


Really good organizer, arrived on time and well packaged. It us really easy to attach to the seat. Made out of good quality material that is easily wipeable with a dump cloth. I really lije tge plastic pocket that can hold my iPpad in it and i can play movies to my baby while driving. Would recommend this


I bought this product to protect the backs of my front car seats when traveling with my grandkids and this fits the bill perfectly, as well as providing lots of storage for all the items kids like to travel with that serve to keep them occupied whether on a long trip or a short ride. This product also keeps snacks and drinks at arms length as well.


It’s got a thick and durable materials. It’s quite wide and long to cover almost entire seat. It has a lot of pockets and spaces in different sizes for variety of stuff you normally carry while driving with kids. Two of them gives us plenty os space to organize a lot of toys, tablets and stuff. Great customer service too.


We have two little children and things tend to pop up at very random places in our car. We thought about bringing some order into where things are in the car for quite some time, and found this product on the auto merch website. We are very pleased with the results. While not taking up much place, this car organizer can fit surprisingly all of the items that were lying around. The car is now back to been and tidy. Overall, a five star product.

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