Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer

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Does this sound like you behind the wheel? You spend a lot of time in your car because, well, you’re a busy person. From going to work, dropping off the kids at daycare or soccer practice, and picking up dinner on the way home, you log a lot of hours…

Product Details
Product Details
Does this sound like you
behind the wheel?
You spend a lot of time in your car because, well, you’re a busy person. From going to work, dropping off the kids at daycare or soccer practice, and picking up dinner on the way home, you log a lot of hours behind the wheel. And when you’re not alone in the car, there’s often something that requires your undivided attention (when your eyes should really be on the road). Someone needs napkins. Someone needs a charger cord. Oh, and you can’t find your lipstick to touch up.
Get your space (and sanity) back
Stop the madness
Clean up your behind-the-wheel mess with our Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer. Pens, note pads, smartphones, snack bags, charging cords — everything goes into one solid storage solution. Discover a cleaner car interior today. Free up clutter from your cup holders, center console, and car-door pockets today.
It fits like a glove
Great for sedans, trucks, vans
Our Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer fits into the space between your car seat and center console for an out-of-the-way storage accessory that also is conveniently within reach. No more fumbling into your purse in the passenger seat or reaching with one arm into the backseat for something you need. Keep your essentials right where you can safely grab ‘em.
No more crack of doom
Ever have a pen, parking garage ticket, or even your phone fall into that wedge between your seat and center console? Stop killing your hands by reaching down into that tight space. Close up that space with this life-saving organizer.
Left- and
Our clever car accessory comes in models fit for the driver-side and passenger-side of your car, allowing you (and any riders) complete peace of mind from losing valuable essentials.
Craftsmanship you can see + feel
It’s all in the details
Curated spaces
Each organizer features a phone slot, charger hole, drink holder space, and card slot for organized storage.
Polyurethane leather
Our black faux-leather build is cruelty-free while still retaining a luxe feel and look. Red stitching accents for eye-popping detail.
Generous space
Measures 26 x 16.5 x 20 cm / 10.24 x 6.50 x 7.87 in, for roomy accommodations for all your must-haves.
It’s safer driving
No one should be distracted when behind the wheel. In a split second, you can misjudge or miss something and potentially get into an accident — endangering not only yourself, but a family member or friend. Wisen up and stop the aimless searching and grabbing behind the wheel — and keep everything right at hand’s reach with this made-for-safety storage solution.
The Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer is genius because it installs in a flash, with no tools or hardware required. Simply insert into the space between yoru car seat and center console for a snug fit, and you’re on the way to a cleaner car interior.

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72 reviews
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Keep all the crap from falling in between the seats where it is nearly impossible to remove.


It doesn’t look “after market”. Handy for numerous things that you want near you especially if you have a car/truck that doesn’t have lots of ‘cubbies’ to stash stuff away yet nearby. If you have a large passenger and it gets in his way it is easy to remove and stash in the back temporarily. I love mine and will definitely buy for gifts.😉


I had been looking at this for a while and with a long car trip, I finally decided to get it. With all the little stuff we all need in the car, there just isn’t enough regular storage. I love it. It stays put without using any adhesive and doesn’t take up too much room of the seat. It easily fits my phone with the charger, gum, cash, keys, and anything else you need within easy reach. Highly recommend!


Absolutely FANTASTIC! No more keys wallets credit cards or candy !!! Ha ha falling between the seat and console! Work as it supposed to and sturdy!!


We recently purchased a new car that didn’t have any storage pockets along the console side of the passenger compartment, so I purchased two of these pocket organizers to solve the storage problem. They are very easy to install, and the pockets are perfect for small items such as packets of tissue, small containers hand sanitizer and lotion, bags of snacks, maps, documents, etc. The brown color makes the organizers appear as if they came with the car, and they are totally unobtrusive. I would highly recommend these to my friends and family without hesitation.


I’ve wanted these for quite a while. I’m so glad I finally got it. Perfect for my phone, sunglasses, pens, etc. I always hated it when my phone or sunglasses fell between the seat and console. No more struggling to reach for things that slip into the empty space. Yay!


These fit absolutely perfect in the gap between the seats, no need to glue or adhere to anything.. this kept my phone dropping as it always does and had plenty of room to hold the checkbook pens, etc.. great accessory for your car or truck. Drive safer with this as well without looking for dropped items. I really like this.

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